Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Case is approved!

Yeah!  We just got the word that our case was approved in the Ethiopian courts!  That means that the Holt staff in Ethiopia can begin the next step of scheduling our visa interview at the American embassy in Addis Ababa.  We have been told that this will take 8-12 weeks before we will travel again, putting our date to bring our boy home sometime in June or early July.  As long as this process seems to be taking, we feel at peace that God knows just the right timing for our family. One benefit to waiting a little longer is that Mitch will have time to get reacclimated to civilian life, get his business growing again, spend quality time with Jack and Beth, and take a deep breath of wonderful Oregon air!

We also received another health update on Joseph and learned that he has grown another 5 cm taller!  Praise God he is healthy!

A quick update on Jack and Beth...

Jack's first day of soccer
Jack is excelling in Kindergarten--reading at the 2nd grade level already--and enjoys playing soccer with his friends.  He also loves to play Wii, which can be an issue at times, but usually ends up being a good motivation factor for cleaning up his room or treating his sister with kindness instead of annoying her to death. 

Beth at the piano
Beth is also doing above average in 2nd grade--reading chapter books with ease and usually scoring 100% on her spelling tests.  She recently started piano lessons and learned so quickly, that her teacher had to give her more than the usual number of songs to keep her from getting bored.  She is enjoying the social aspect of public school and has a lot of friends.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family!  Please continue to hold us up in prayer as we go through many transitions in the next few months!

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An American's Observations said...

Awesome news guys. I am so happy for you.